In the Out Door

When you can’t decide the route to travel…when you can’t determine what is safe and what harbors pain…when you succumb to public pressure…when your inner self conflicts with the pretentious and cold conjectures of the perceived norm…

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Wes is More…!

wes-studio7Okay, I know it’s a rather campy title for an entry but with Wes and his muscular physique – you really do get more – visually! Wes is a guy that I met years ago, again through Model Mayhem, who enjoys being in front of the camera and is not shy with undertaking unusual locales and situations. Although I don’t haven’t seen as much nude work from him recently. I do think that his day job definitely distracts from his capacity to play in front of the camera.

wes-studio5 wes-studio3He has a beautiful Eastern European face with amazing jaw lines, strong nose and wonderful cleft chin. What I especially like is his strong body features, wonderfully proportioned, yet not genetically-modified to bulbous grossness. It’s a reflection of the finer qualities of natural selection!

wes-studio wes-studio2I really can’t find much fault with a model like Wes other than my one pet peeve concerning body hair. He probably doesn’t have much to begin with and to shave oneself to the point of looking like a new-born babe always bothers my visual aesthetic. Now if he looked like some grizzly bear with not much flesh visible – concealing the physique or causing visual irregularities – yes, clippers please! But I believe that Wes has terrific natural figure and should be proud of this fact. Believe me – not many get this combination of genetics!

wes-studio6wes-studio4Hair or not, Wes is pretty amazing! Wes – someday I hope we get the opportunity to work together again. Thanks for these beautiful images!

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zane-bAn old image that has received some new editing thanks to some new programs and better knowledge base on my part. I’ve always loved this shot and I just wanted to see it rendered properly…so here’s Matt by the Licking River in Zanesville…Oar Boy!

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March Hair

chrisAhhh, nothing like starting off March with my chameleon model Christian as he shows off his wonderful new dreads. Well actually they’re not THAT new, but still a new look for him. This was our second shoot together and this time Christian really showed his strengths in modeling – offering up a multitude of faces, moods and expressions.

chris5 chris3Of course, it’s the inherent severity of his initial presentation that gives an immediate curiosity to my photographic interests. Sometimes people wear the alternative look as a artsy sort of phase in their lives. Then you meet others for whom this look is a reflection of the turbulent and ofttimes traumatic nature of their lives.

chris2 chrisbThat is my draw to photograph people like Christian. I know of their hidden whirlwinds of emotion. I feel the same as a gay man – not really fitting into either the straight or gay worlds – a person living outside the neat categories of class and stereotype. To maintain your individual spirit is a delight that intrigues my creative spirit…generating some playful images.chris6 chris4

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A Little Light Play

chronograph 7chronograph 8On a day where everything appears as a huge white canvas due to the blowing snow, it’s rather reassuring to turn back to the comfort of darkness and explore figures in space. I think every photographer has experimented at some point in their career with various exposure techniques. This is one of my favorites – painting with light.

chronograph 9 chronograph 6 chronograph 3

It’s a simple technique – use some sort of light source to physically highlight and expose you subjects. The longer or slower you move the light, the more exposed the image so the brighter the subject. The tough part is that as the artist you are moving about in the field of view so caution is necessary to avoid becoming included in the image. The other challenge is working with film…there is NO preview. Oh and it’s good to note that this is not a multiple exposure. It all occurs in one opening of the shutter.

chronograph 5 Of course, therein lies the fun of creation.  It’s not until you have the film developed that you find out which techniques worked best. I haven’t tried this digitally. Newer cameras are so much more light sensitive, they may not be able to capture these results. I guess I need to try this sometime!

chronograph 1

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A Little Eastern Spice for the Winter

J- Lo 1 J- Lo 158 copy

So this guy walks into my studio one day and says that he’d like some pictures… I know that sounds a bit like a lead into a joke, but that is basically how my shoot with this handsome young man came about. Recommended by a mutual friend, Jeff called and inquired about doing some photography. He was very comfortable with any and every creative suggestion. Unfortunately, after the shoot was complete Jeff moved away and was never seen again. I wish I had more material to fill out the story a bit, but unfortunately that’s all there is!!!

J- Lo 198 copy J- Lo 214 copyAt least I have some fun images to look back and reflect. A few interesting ideas and one very fast model interaction. A visual “quickie”. Enjoy!

J- Lo 112 copy J- Lo 80

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Greg and the Big Shovel

muskie2The Big Muskie – a larger than life mechanical monster that was responsible for carving huge chunks out of pristine Ohio soil in search of coal to fuel our ever glutinous appetite for power. A machine so large that its bucket could easily accommodate 2 Greyhound buses side by side. It was the largest of its kind and it was abandoned in 1991 – left to rust in the denuded Ohio countryside.

muskieIt was so large that it was visible for miles around, especially since it had removed all of the trees as well. AEP – the power company that owned this behemoth was only responsible for replacing the top layer of soil, not nearly enough for trees to regrow, so it still appears as a strange prairie. It was in this environment that I needed a model as powerful as the Muskie – a person to work with the rusting hulk before it was eventually demolished.

greg3sThis is where a friend found in my gym became the next victim in my obsession with working nudes into scenes of forgotten world. So enter Mr. Greg G. – really sweet guy who’s a little kid at heart. (We had to make a stop on the way to the shoot at a McDonalds so he could pick up the latest toy in a Happy Meal.)


But no one that I knew at the time could compare with Greg’s physique and had the capacity to interact with this machine – strength to strength. And Greg was marvelous. He prided himself on being a natural bodybuilder – no steroids – and his body was blessed with the genes to enhance that natural musculature.


These chains on the Muskie supported the main bucket, each link the size of Greg’s torso and heavy enough to easily crush him, yet they easily compliment the other. I think for Greg this was a bit of an adventure too. We had to walk a little over a mile to reach the Muskie, every rise in the rolling ground brought the vision of this shovel closer but it wasn’t until you were directly next it that you realized how immense it really was!

greg4sGreg inside the bucket seemed like a doll. Only the strength of Greg’s legs seem to oppose the massive weight of the bucket pulley. It was an amazing visual exercise. And it was a welcomed sense of timing… not more than a year after the shoot, the Muskie was demolished. Only it’s bucket remains as a strange tourist attraction in Southeastern Ohio. It’s deep wounds still slowly healing. My last shot is of Greg in front of a gaping fjord carving by the Muskie.



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clay4Clay – a young man from Cincinnati whom I met through Mayhem and totally intrigued me with his “dark” persona. There was a quiet reluctance at first meeting, a sort of shyness one expects on the initial shoot but I liked the mind behind the handsome face. Clay seemed to have ideas and creative interests that kept our conversations going.

clay6 clay2Of course these interactions lead to some great photographic concepts as well. These are from our first session.

clayWhat made matters even more exciting was Clay’s interest in photography. If someone asks me a question about photography it tends to trigger an unstoppable dissertation of everything and anything associated with the medium. And he kept right up, absorbing it all and not dissuaded from demonstrating his own enthusiasm.

clay5 clay3Clay has since left the state for warmer climes, who could blame him. From what I hear through infrequent postings the creativity still exists and is being put to use. I hope that he finds his path in the Arts as we all do, wishing to someday capture his intriguing looks once again.


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New Year’s Coming

There’s always anticipated excitement for the upcoming days when New Years day occurs. You look back at what has happened, hopefully intending on pushing further into a better situation and carrying that through to your passions. Such is life in the arts almost on a daily basis. So today I look back onto another older set of images with another of my favorite models, AJ.


I always appreciated his creativity – his sense of seizing on an idea and trying a multitude of visual ideas to see what is most effective. It was definitely a process involving both the photographer and the model.


So enjoy these shots. Enjoy the Holidays. Prepare for the excitement of the New Year and all the adventure that ensues!


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Time for Two

clockSometimes I surprise myself at the actual amount of photos I’ve taken over the years. And when I think how many of those have been shared with the public, the number is quite infinitesimal. Part of my reasoning for this Blog is to expose these images to the light of day. Hey, I think there’s some good stuff here…why not…!


So why not start with some images from a studio shoot several winters ago with my models Anthony and Chris. A previous post had images from this session as well, but so many more that were just as good. It’s always difficult to arrange multiple models for a shoot, especially nowadays when transportation and schedules having become so difficult. You’d think with today’s technology that it would make these prospects easier, but sadly this is not the case.


These two young men have worked with me on a couple of occasions. Anthony has been particularly exciting to work with do to the fact that he has always been receptive to my weird and unusual schemes. And he’s another person who is quite comfortable in his own skin and will gladly take on the challenge of any situation or environment. Unfortunately, Anthony has moved out of state, now living in Texas, which makes photography difficult.


Now Chris hails from Cleveland and is another great guy to work with. As is the case with many a first time shoot, he was a bit reserved and nervous. But he seemed to take cues from Anthony on this shoot and opened up to various themes afterwards. This was also his first time modeling nude and was very worried about his partner’s thoughts. But recognizing the professionalism of everyone involved, I think he gradually became warmed to the thought realizing that this was all part of the creative process.


 I think that that has always been difficult to convey to people who’ve never been in front of a camera in a professional sense – modeling in the nude is not any different than any other type of modeling other than the fact that you are devoid of clothing. And actually I think that figurative modeling requires even more skill because you have nothing but skin and gestures to convey meaning. You need to have a great sense of your body in space, how it looks and moves or else you’re no more than rock being slowly turned for the best angle. And you will come across in that same sense!

duo5 I really think that these two did an incredible job considering that they had just met. It shows great skill on their part to come into a scenario like this and run with it. So enjoy these images… there are more to come from the archives. And even more potentials for future creative sessions!

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