First of 2017

Well, here we go with another year to explore. I’m afraid of the growing fascist energy from Washington. It will be a year of trepidation and fear. I have to learn to look past these possible dangers and turn to photography as a coping tool.


In the past, my art has acted as a mechanism of exorcising troubles deeply rooted whether I knew it or not. Maybe it is time to revisit my Constructions. I always see photographs mixed with objects encased within a display as a perfect medium for discussion.


Meanwhile, I can share some images shot to illustrate some of my Constructions of the past. By themselves they have a narrative feel. Combined with objects and ephemera only fleshes out the story.

ajbank-5430 ajbank5389

Once again, some of these have been photographed in some local abandonments. I always relish the locations and see them as necessary additions to the image. Hardly would things be complete without the environment to intensify the mood.

ajbank-5405 ajbank-5398

New images coming soon!

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Thanksgiving visit to the country


So with the Thanksgiving approaching, I thought it might be nice to revisit my shoot with AJ out in the countryside surrounding Zanesville – not too far from Columbus. So even though many of these images are a little old, they still resonate. This first image is from an empty farm house that looked like it had undergone the beginnings of restoration only to stop. Many of the walls were down to the studs, while others had multiple layers of wallpaper and paint that lent amazing texture to the scenes.



Both of these shots demonstrate the beautiful contrast of these layers – also complimenting AJ’s handsome physique. The surrounding trees with their yellowing leaves cast a wonderful warm light throughout the building. It was good that I checked the house before the shoot, we had to dodge oceans of poison ivy around it.



Thank goodness for friends. Many locations have been tossed my direction by acquaintances who’ve had the keen eye to recognize potential in strange and forgotten places. All of my Zanesville hot spots were revealed by my painter friend Linda Gall, long-time resident of the area. Some of these places have also worked their way into her canvases as well.



ajz364Of course, it also helps having friends in strange places…a friend of Linda’s also offered an empty house that he owned but had never been able to restore. Zanesville is full of these beauties. The past 3 images were shot in that home. Signs of animals and attempts to remodel were scattered about the place, but it still retained its late 1800’s design elements. There was a wonderful staircase that I’ve featured in a previous entry that wound its way to the second floor. And fireplaces in every room with differing mantels.

I’d love to return some day.


Enjoy and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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Throw back Friday?

Okay I know I’m off by one day, but the Election results have sent a shiver down my spine and left me in Liberal catatonia. So once again I delved into the ‘ole print file and have come out with these goodies. This time I’ll try to flesh them out a little, if you’ll pardon my pun…


A great combination of two of my favorite subjects: cemeteries and nudes! This was a fun image that was shot with my model Christopher. He had a fondness for plants and so this image of him reaching out for these blooms seemed perfect. It’s difficult to discern, but his perch was actually about 10 feet off the ground. Some bird watchers who were hanging out in the cemetery that day identified a new species!



This was an early studio shoot in my student apartment. A black cloth thrown up in the living room sufficed. The model whose face is visible was named Jeff. A fellow photography and design student; he was a wonderfully expressive young man. Very shy. I ran into him one New Year’s Eve in a bar on one of the few occasions I ventured out. He gave me a big kiss and hug telling me that he missed working with me. I never saw him again. Later I found out that he had died from AIDS. One in the first wave. His images drastically changed meaning after that.


After the break with my first partner, a volatile mix of Irish emotion bubbled to the surface of many photographic themes. I felt the need to exact suffering and revenge for my pain. Images became more violent, turning away from my dream-like idyllic desires. I know that this is probably more of a personal nature to share, but I think it’s good for an artist to acknowledge the splinters that make up the whole. It’s my own catharsis.


And finally another studio-like shot with another terrific model named Royce. Only had one opportunity to work with him, but some of my finest bodyscapes originated from this shoot. Royce had the figure that I most admired – thin and muscular, but not to the point of looking like the Michelin man. It’s a natural sort of physique that renders beautifully in the light.

So these are my visual treats for this week – each with its own mini-narrative. I hope you enjoyed them. There are many more to go.

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Ebbing fires

Metropolitan Power Plant

Metropolitan Power Plant

Ever since picking up my first camera eons ago, there has been a draw to those structures that have been abandoned and long forgotten. There is a sympathetic draw to these locations harkening to some deeply suppressed emotions which bear out a brotherhood of destiny seeming so important to share visually. One such location that has taunted me with its boarded windows, crumbling brick and rusting metal is the old Metropolitan Power Plant in Columbus. Always off limits with cameras and barbed wire fencing, it too is facing its final minutes of existence.

Power Plant

Boiler Room

In Main Boiler

In Main Boiler

Boiler cutaway

Boiler cutaway

Once again, I have been able to draw on the talents of my newest model Michael to explore these industrial bones and cast his lithe body as human contrast to these rusting entities. And these shots are not without hazard, this is still a dangerous place to work especially as bits and pieces are getting dissected. The floors heave with bent metal, piles of rust and ash from them furnaces.

Switching Off

Switching Off

Last Breaker

Last Breaker

It was also a challenge utilizing the faint autumnal light that was falling through holes in the roof or small windows. Only a few spots offered brighter options with larger windows. I feel that the darkness enhances the shadow of the impending future of this industrial carcass. There was no lack of humor either as my assistant of the day, Don and myself joked with the Michael at his dire attempts to keep clean and resistant to spiders. It was quite a challenge for poor Michael!



Boiler Tubes

Boiler Tubes

Exciting, challenging, a beautiful cascade of destruction and a great model led to some wonderful images that, once again, will probably never get replicated. The future of this building is not totally predictable. There still may be hope to repurpose it’s shell. Only the time can shed light on that option. Meanwhile there are these interim images to record it’s transition and seal it’s memory.

On the Shoot Courtesy of Don Sgontz

On the Shoot
Courtesy of Don Sgontz



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Throw back Thursday….

As I’ve been poking through my old silver gelatin prints, I began to realize that there are many images which warrant display and have not made the light of day. So today I’ve chosen 3 goodies from the print file and put them up for you to see.

alan roycearch As you can see, placing the male figure in some sort of environment to serve as a narrative has been a running theme for many years. To me, it seems like the appropriate path to follow. The last image was actually photographed guerrilla style in a very prominent location in Columbus on the Fourth of July. As the model appears to be viewing something in the distance, some intruders were viewing us from afar. This was before cell phones and I completed the shoot somewhat leisurely and cleared the area well before any authorities appeared. The arch is actually a remnant of one of Columbus’ original train stations. Gotta tie those historical elements in as well!


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Winter Winds Blowing

It’s been a long period of absence from my Blog. Travels, commercial work and the real Job have consumed my time. So now as the weather begins to change to those months of darkness and contemplation I can release new images of a new muse. Finding a model can sometimes be as difficult as finding a parking spot in New York and once you DO find one, it may not be the most ideal. This guy is the Kojak spot!


I’m happy to say that the art gods have been nice to me and have sent a young man who is witty, soft spoken and bearing an arsenal of photographic knowledge that can sometimes be disarming. I almost think  that he was secretly sent by my professors from the past to check my technical base to see if I was still competent. Additionally, he’s handsome with a delicate porcelain skin that loves the lens and the light.



His name is Michael and he has been a treat to photograph. Still rather nascent to the job of modeling, he is willing to endure my requests for difficult locations and goes after the idea with timid enthusiasm. He seems to desire the concept of producing images that are unique, but he still is a little nervous about dirt and spiders. It has actually become a bit of a joke between us.





All joking aside, he has treated the whole experience quite professionally and I can see that he truly does enjoy being an integral part of the creative process. He certainly isn’t afraid of doing nudes. I’m overjoyed that he is so comfortable with the environments in which I place him. Not many handle these locales with such ease.

mu3234-e mu3290-e

So I’m very happy to have a person like Michael available to document in these various urban locations before they disappear for good. I guess that is another situation in which I should acknowledge gratitude. Columbus has gradually eliminated many of the old structures I found visually exciting. Some new opportunities have presented themselves of recent and I hope to make use of them before they too become just a distant memory.


And I’ve got my new muse, Michael to assist me in these adventures! Thank you, Michael!

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In the Out Door

When you can’t decide the route to travel…when you can’t determine what is safe and what harbors pain…when you succumb to public pressure…when your inner self conflicts with the pretentious and cold conjectures of the perceived norm…

gabe-v8 gabe-v3 gabe-v1 gabevets2 gabe-v7 gabe-v6 gabe-v5 gabe-v4

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Wes is More…!

wes-studio7Okay, I know it’s a rather campy title for an entry but with Wes and his muscular physique – you really do get more – visually! Wes is a guy that I met years ago, again through Model Mayhem, who enjoys being in front of the camera and is not shy with undertaking unusual locales and situations. Although I don’t haven’t seen as much nude work from him recently. I do think that his day job definitely distracts from his capacity to play in front of the camera.

wes-studio5 wes-studio3He has a beautiful Eastern European face with amazing jaw lines, strong nose and wonderful cleft chin. What I especially like is his strong body features, wonderfully proportioned, yet not genetically-modified to bulbous grossness. It’s a reflection of the finer qualities of natural selection!

wes-studio wes-studio2I really can’t find much fault with a model like Wes other than my one pet peeve concerning body hair. He probably doesn’t have much to begin with and to shave oneself to the point of looking like a new-born babe always bothers my visual aesthetic. Now if he looked like some grizzly bear with not much flesh visible – concealing the physique or causing visual irregularities – yes, clippers please! But I believe that Wes has terrific natural figure and should be proud of this fact. Believe me – not many get this combination of genetics!

wes-studio6wes-studio4Hair or not, Wes is pretty amazing! Wes – someday I hope we get the opportunity to work together again. Thanks for these beautiful images!

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zane-bAn old image that has received some new editing thanks to some new programs and better knowledge base on my part. I’ve always loved this shot and I just wanted to see it rendered properly…so here’s Matt by the Licking River in Zanesville…Oar Boy!

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March Hair

chrisAhhh, nothing like starting off March with my chameleon model Christian as he shows off his wonderful new dreads. Well actually they’re not THAT new, but still a new look for him. This was our second shoot together and this time Christian really showed his strengths in modeling – offering up a multitude of faces, moods and expressions.

chris5 chris3Of course, it’s the inherent severity of his initial presentation that gives an immediate curiosity to my photographic interests. Sometimes people wear the alternative look as a artsy sort of phase in their lives. Then you meet others for whom this look is a reflection of the turbulent and ofttimes traumatic nature of their lives.

chris2 chrisbThat is my draw to photograph people like Christian. I know of their hidden whirlwinds of emotion. I feel the same as a gay man – not really fitting into either the straight or gay worlds – a person living outside the neat categories of class and stereotype. To maintain your individual spirit is a delight that intrigues my creative spirit…generating some playful images.chris6 chris4

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