A Little Light Play

chronograph 7chronograph 8On a day where everything appears as a huge white canvas due to the blowing snow, it’s rather reassuring to turn back to the comfort of darkness and explore figures in space. I think every photographer has experimented at some point in their career with various exposure techniques. This is one of my favorites – painting with light.

chronograph 9 chronograph 6 chronograph 3

It’s a simple technique – use some sort of light source to physically highlight and expose you subjects. The longer or slower you move the light, the more exposed the image so the brighter the subject. The tough part is that as the artist you are moving about in the field of view so caution is necessary to avoid becoming included in the image. The other challenge is working with film…there is NO preview. Oh and it’s good to note that this is not a multiple¬†exposure. It all occurs in one opening of the shutter.

chronograph 5 Of course, therein lies the fun of creation. ¬†It’s not until you have the film developed that you find out which techniques worked best. I haven’t tried this digitally. Newer cameras are so much more light sensitive, they may not be able to capture these results. I guess I need to try this sometime!

chronograph 1

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