March Hair

chrisAhhh, nothing like starting off March with my chameleon model Christian as he shows off his wonderful new dreads. Well actually they’re not THAT new, but still a new look for him. This was our second shoot together and this time Christian really showed his strengths in modeling – offering up a multitude of faces, moods and expressions.

chris5 chris3Of course, it’s the inherent severity of his initial presentation that gives an immediate curiosity to my photographic interests. Sometimes people wear the alternative look as a artsy sort of phase in their lives. Then you meet others for whom this look is a reflection of the turbulent and ofttimes traumatic nature of their lives.

chris2 chrisbThat is my draw to photograph people like Christian. I know of their hidden whirlwinds of emotion. I feel the same as a gay man – not really fitting into either the straight or gay worlds – a person living outside the neat categories of class and stereotype. To maintain your individual spirit is a delight that intrigues my creative spirit…generating some playful images.chris6 chris4

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