Wes is More…!

wes-studio7Okay, I know it’s a rather campy title for an entry but with Wes and his muscular physique – you really do get more – visually! Wes is a guy that I met years ago, again through Model Mayhem, who enjoys being in front of the camera and is not shy with undertaking unusual locales and situations. Although I don’t haven’t seen as much nude work from him recently. I do think that his day job definitely distracts from his capacity to play in front of the camera.

wes-studio5 wes-studio3He has a beautiful Eastern European face with amazing jaw lines, strong nose and wonderful cleft chin. What I especially like is his strong body features, wonderfully proportioned, yet not genetically-modified to bulbous grossness. It’s a reflection of the finer qualities of natural selection!

wes-studio wes-studio2I really can’t find much fault with a model like Wes other than my one pet peeve concerning body hair. He probably doesn’t have much to begin with and to shave oneself to the point of looking like a new-born babe always bothers my visual aesthetic. Now if he looked like some grizzly bear with not much flesh visible – concealing the physique or causing visual irregularities – yes, clippers please! But I believe that Wes has terrific natural figure and should be proud of this fact. Believe me – not many get this combination of genetics!

wes-studio6wes-studio4Hair or not, Wes is pretty amazing! Wes – someday I hope we get the opportunity to work together again. Thanks for these beautiful images!

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  1. Edward says:

    Beautiful, I too, dislike men shaving all hair off – makes them look pre-pubescence but I gather the Ancient Greeks liked that look

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