Winter Winds Blowing

It’s been a long period of absence from my Blog. Travels, commercial work and the real Job have consumed my time. So now as the weather begins to change to those months of darkness and contemplation I can release new images of a new muse. Finding a model can sometimes be as difficult as finding a parking spot in New York and once you DO find one, it may not be the most ideal. This guy is the Kojak spot!


I’m happy to say that the art gods have been nice to me and have sent a young man who is witty, soft spoken and bearing an arsenal of photographic knowledge that can sometimes be disarming. I almost think  that he was secretly sent by my professors from the past to check my technical base to see if I was still competent. Additionally, he’s handsome with a delicate porcelain skin that loves the lens and the light.



His name is Michael and he has been a treat to photograph. Still rather nascent to the job of modeling, he is willing to endure my requests for difficult locations and goes after the idea with timid enthusiasm. He seems to desire the concept of producing images that are unique, but he still is a little nervous about dirt and spiders. It has actually become a bit of a joke between us.





All joking aside, he has treated the whole experience quite professionally and I can see that he truly does enjoy being an integral part of the creative process. He certainly isn’t afraid of doing nudes. I’m overjoyed that he is so comfortable with the environments in which I place him. Not many handle these locales with such ease.

mu3234-e mu3290-e

So I’m very happy to have a person like Michael available to document in these various urban locations before they disappear for good. I guess that is another situation in which I should acknowledge gratitude. Columbus has gradually eliminated many of the old structures I found visually exciting. Some new opportunities have presented themselves of recent and I hope to make use of them before they too become just a distant memory.


And I’ve got my new muse, Michael to assist me in these adventures! Thank you, Michael!

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  1. Chuck Jarvis says:

    I really like the pics where it is almost like you came upon your muse while he was sleeping in the wild.

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