Throw back Thursday….

As I’ve been poking through my old silver gelatin prints, I began to realize that there are many images which warrant display and have not made the light of day. So today I’ve chosen 3 goodies from the print file and put them up for you to see.

alan roycearch As you can see, placing the male figure in some sort of environment to serve as a narrative has been a running theme for many years. To me, it seems like the appropriate path to follow. The last image was actually photographed guerrilla style in a very prominent location in Columbus on the Fourth of July. As the model appears to be viewing something in the distance, some intruders were viewing us from afar. This was before cell phones and I completed the shoot somewhat leisurely and cleared the area well before any authorities appeared. The arch is actually a remnant of one of Columbus’ original train stations. Gotta tie those historical elements in as well!


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  1. Barbara Vogel says:

    You are a real talent. Proud to be in your show and know you all these years! Keep dazzling your fans!

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