Throw back Friday?

Okay I know I’m off by one day, but the Election results have sent a shiver down my spine and left me in Liberal catatonia. So once again I delved into the ‘ole print file and have come out with these goodies. This time I’ll try to flesh them out a little, if you’ll pardon my pun…


A great combination of two of my favorite subjects: cemeteries and nudes! This was a fun image that was shot with my model Christopher. He had a fondness for plants and so this image of him reaching out for these blooms seemed perfect. It’s difficult to discern, but his perch was actually about 10 feet off the ground. Some bird watchers who were hanging out in the cemetery that day identified a new species!



This was an early studio shoot in my student apartment. A black cloth thrown up in the living room sufficed. The model whose face is visible was named Jeff. A fellow photography and design student; he was a wonderfully expressive young man. Very shy. I ran into him one New Year’s Eve in a bar on one of the few occasions I ventured out. He gave me a big kiss and hug telling me that he missed working with me. I never saw him again. Later I found out that he had died from AIDS. One in the first wave. His images drastically changed meaning after that.


After the break with my first partner, a volatile mix of Irish emotion bubbled to the surface of many photographic themes. I felt the need to exact suffering and revenge for my pain. Images became more violent, turning away from my dream-like idyllic desires. I know that this is probably more of a personal nature to share, but I think it’s good for an artist to acknowledge the splinters that make up the whole. It’s my own catharsis.


And finally another studio-like shot with another terrific model named Royce. Only had one opportunity to work with him, but some of my finest bodyscapes originated from this shoot. Royce had the figure that I most admired – thin and muscular, but not to the point of looking like the Michelin man. It’s a natural sort of physique that renders beautifully in the light.

So these are my visual treats for this week – each with its own mini-narrative. I hope you enjoyed them. There are many more to go.

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