Thanksgiving visit to the country


So with the Thanksgiving approaching, I thought it might be nice to revisit my shoot with AJ out in the countryside surrounding Zanesville – not too far from Columbus. So even though many of these images are a little old, they still resonate. This first image is from an empty farm house that looked like it had undergone the beginnings of restoration only to stop. Many of the walls were down to the studs, while others had multiple layers of wallpaper and paint that lent amazing texture to the scenes.



Both of these shots demonstrate the beautiful contrast of these layers – also complimenting AJ’s handsome physique. The surrounding trees with their yellowing leaves cast a wonderful warm light throughout the building. It was good that I checked the house before the shoot, we had to dodge oceans of poison ivy around it.



Thank goodness for friends. Many locations have been tossed my direction by acquaintances who’ve had the keen eye to recognize potential in strange and forgotten places. All of my Zanesville hot spots were revealed by my painter friend Linda Gall, long-time resident of the area. Some of these places have also worked their way into her canvases as well.



ajz364Of course, it also helps having friends in strange places…a friend of Linda’s also offered an empty house that he owned but had never been able to restore. Zanesville is full of these beauties. The past 3 images were shot in that home. Signs of animals and attempts to remodel were scattered about the place, but it still retained its late 1800’s design elements. There was a wonderful staircase that I’ve featured in a previous entry that wound its way to the second floor. And fireplaces in every room with differing mantels.

I’d love to return some day.


Enjoy and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Barbara Vogel says:

    Nice work as always.

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