About Rob Colgan

I’m a photographer located in Columbus, Ohio who has been shooting since age 16. I was born in the Cleveland area, but lived for about 9 years in Louisiana. Most of my thoughts and imagery stem from those long weekend drives into the bayous and lost regions of the countryside that my parents forced us to endure. I remember driving past ruins of old antebellum homes, machines rusting beneath kudzu vines and bits of civilization slowly being reclaimed by nature. My face was always pressed to the window in awe. Strangely we were rarely allowed to stop and explore – we always had some unknown timetable that we had to adhere. Now, as an adult, I find those bits of humanity an interesting allure that demands documentation and incorporation into my work. Especially with the nude, it thematically suggests man as a symbol amidst history – unadorned, alone and finally able to seek himself.

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  1. Alan Jazak says:

    You neglected to say you were self-crowned Prince of the Sewer Ditch.

  2. Katie Keys says:

    Hey Rob – Please check out “Elyria High School Class of 1978” on facebook. Mini reunion planned. Classmate updates available. Thanks.

  3. Maxime Harden says:


    I really love your work ! I’m a young French writer publishing my first novel. This is a gay erotic/fantasy story. It will be published as an Ebook in France. I would like to know if I can use the photo “RBlog2.jpg” for the cover. Please contact me !


  4. Rob, Can’t wait to meet. I can relate to your bio so much! But the Class of ’79 is better 😉

  5. Jeff says:

    You are absolutely on target. I can not begin to tell you how much I enjoy your work. I really like the Vaughan Halo shoot at the old motel. That was incredibly hot. I have worked in Ohio and have seen many old factories and abandoned mills that I would love to shoot him in. The idea of vintage clothing was really smart. I’d like to see him with clashing clothing as well-like speedos at/in an old mill. Of course the photo before the Chinese protesters was the bomb, I’ll like to see more of that scenario. I have done practically the same thing some years ago. The set up and layout of these shoots are about as much fun as the shoot itself. Halo looks like he gets “it.”
    Anyway- carry on with your excellent work. I would really like to see more of your work. THANKS!!

    • Boss says:

      Thanks, Jeff! Really appreciate the comments. Vaughn has been really great to work with, but my time with him is limited as he soon graduates and will probably move away. I have had some fun. Hopefully I can squeeze in one more shoot before he goes. Are you a photographer as well? Would love to see some images if possible!

      Best wishes!

  6. Pierre says:

    If you are interested, I have a picture with a scheme of the double hélix staircase of Chambord castle (Loire Valley) for you.

    Kind regards

    • Boss says:

      I always thought it would be wonderful to have a handsome model in some great chateau like Chambord. The staircase shot would be very welcomed. Thanks, Pierre!

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