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Thanksgiving visit to the country

So with the Thanksgiving approaching, I thought it might be nice to revisit my shoot with AJ out in the countryside surrounding Zanesville – not too far from Columbus. So even though many of these images are a little old, … Continue reading

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Throw back Thursday….

As I’ve been poking through my old silver gelatin prints, I began to realize that there are many images which warrant display and have not made the light of day. So today I’ve chosen 3 goodies from the print file … Continue reading

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An old image that has received some new editing thanks to some new programs and better knowledge base on my part. I’ve always loved this shot and I just wanted to see it rendered properly…so here’s Matt by the Licking … Continue reading

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A Little Eastern Spice for the Winter

So this guy walks into my studio one day and says that he’d like some pictures… I know that sounds a bit like a lead into a joke, but that is basically how my shoot with this handsome young man┬ácame … Continue reading

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